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A Forest Inventory in Venezuela

A Forest Inventory in Venezuela

Caracas (Prensa Latina) Venezuela initiated preparations for the carrying out of a national forest inventory that will be ready within five years, Ministry for the Environment of the South American nation reported.

The director of Forests Olga Perez explained that the study will begin in January in the southern State of Amazonas, of more than 11,000 miles, and will continue with Bolivar and Delta Amacuro States, both located south Orinoco River.

This region approximately concentrates the 80 percent of the forests of the country and includes a considerable portion of the Venezuelan part of Amazonia, world’s great water reserves, shared by eight countries of South America.

Perez reported that the Unit of Management of the National Forest Inventory was created, element contemplated in the methodology for the carrying out of the investigation, formed by forest engineers, agronomists, geographers and botanists.

The inventory, according to experts, is an instrument of management to protect the natural resources and to help its administration.

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