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Prensa Latina to Launch Book on Indigenous People

The book "Abya Yala: An Indigenous View", containing a foreword by Bolivian President Evo Morales, will be launched at the International Book Fair of Havana, scheduled from February 9-19.

The book belongs to the collection Letras Urgentes (Urgent Lyrics), published by Prensa Latina’s publishing house, whose purpose is to address current Latin American and the Caribbean issues based on the contributions from the news agency’s correspondents and experts in Havana.

The book, which will be presented on February 15 at 14:00 pm in the Jose Antonio Portuondo Hall in the Morro-Cabaña complex, published in cooperation with the Ciencial Sociales publishing house (Social Sciences) and includes features, interviews, columns and articles about indigenous peoples.

In the foreword, President Evo Morales defines the book as "an unprecedented approach to the reality of our peoples", and indicates that it will allow future generations to learn about aspects of the culture of our grandparents and founders, as well as the continuity of their lessons.

According to Morales, the book refers to the period prior to Christopher Colombus’ arrival, when the continent was a single land: Abya Yala, which means land full of maturity or land of life blood.

This is the second title of the Letras Urgentes collection, after "SOS Amazon", a collection of works by Prensa Latina correspondents in that Bolivia.

"Abya Yala, An Indigenous View" contains fifty works written by 25 authors who reflect how in their transit through the 21st Century, Latin American native people demand fair recognition of their ancestral values in the future.

It also deals about aspects of indigenous people’s participation in parliamentary and governmental institutions in the context of the current process in the region, and about issues related to the defense of language and other native cultural expressions.


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