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Venezuelans Revive Barbados Crime

Venezuelans Revive Barbados Crime

Miguel Lozano 

Caracas.- With sadness but no excessive surprise, Venezuela received in Holy Week reports of new maneuvers to try to release Cuban-origin terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, demanded for the murder of 73 people.

In a week dedicated to recall Jesus Christ's passion and death, Venezuelans also had to revive that sabotage occurred in 1976, when Posada and his accomplices made explode a Cuban civil plane in mid air.

Due to the attack was planned in Venezuela, where the criminal lived, the country demanded jurisdiction of the case, but the legal trial was interrupted because the accused escaped from prison, supported by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), according to evidences.

The "Cubana de Aviacion" airplane exploded off the coast of Barbados, but explosives were introduced by two Venezuelans accomplices of Posada, who organized the crime from this country.

Posada had been sent to Venezuela by the CIA, to advise repression, which he made from an important post in the then DISIP political police.

Now United States project the terrorist, detained for violating migratory laws, while denying to try him for his crimes or acceding the request of extradition presented by Venezuela.

The information of bail dictated to Posada curiously coincided with accusations against Venezuela for disrespecting human rights and the lack of democracy presented by the US Department of State.

The new attack to Caracas and the attempt of releasing a terrorist demanded by the local justice during a week of Christian mediation, is included in a series of hostile actions that as President Hugo Chavez has denounced are part of assassination plans.

Source: Prensa Latina

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